Woman holding a glass of water

Diabetes and polydipsia (extreme thirst)

Polydipsia, a persistent feeling of extreme thirst, is often associated with diabetes. While extreme thirst is a well-known symptom of undiagnosed diabetes, polydipsia can occur in people with existing diabetes for a number…

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Easy Green Keto Smoothie - Strong Diabetes

Easy Green Keto Smoothie – Strong Diabetes

Low-carb kale, cucumber, and celery combine with delicious healthy fats like avocado and peanut butter to make this easy Green Keto Smoothie a nutritional powerhouse! Fruit smoothies are in high demand, but if…

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Is Type 2 Diabetes an Autoimmune Disease?

Is type 2 diabetes an autoimmune disease?

Historically, type 2 diabetes has always been recognized as a metabolic disorder, often triggered by lifestyle behaviors and genetics. Unlike type 1 diabetes, which is an autoimmune disease (with no known prevention or…

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Stuffed Peppers Without Rice Recipe - Diabetes Strong

Stuffed Peppers Without Rice Recipe – Diabetes Strong

Stuffed peppers without rice will become one of your new favorite low carb dinners. It consists of only 7 basic ingredients and can be ready in less than an hour for the whole…

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Package of Metformin tablets with a red cross in front

The best alternatives to metformin for treating type 2 diabetes

Metformin is a popular prescription drug that is used as a first-line treatment for type 2 diabetes. It is taken daily (or twice daily) by mouth, in pill form. It belongs to a…

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Five different Stevia products on a table

Is Stevia a healthy alternative to sugar for people with diabetes?

If you have diabetes, you know that managing your condition requires great care in monitoring your medications, how you exercise, and (perhaps most importantly) what you eat. This includes being especially aware of…

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Doctor testing patient for diabetes with a fingerstick test

How to take a diabetes test

The onset of diabetes can be dangerously fast and extremely risky for health and life. If you are experiencing diabetes symptoms such as extreme hunger and thirst, weight loss, frequent urination, blurred vision,…

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