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What causes prediabetes?

1 in 3 American adults have pre-diabetes – and nearly 80% of people with pre-diabetes don’t even know they have it! Prediabetes is extremely common. However, it is important that you know the…

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A person in a white lab coat holds a clipboard in front of a counter top with prescription bottles on it.

Pre-diabetes medications: what are the options?

1 in 3 American adults have pre-diabetes – it’s just so common! A nutritious diet and increased physical activity are some of the common ways to manage prediabetes. However, sometimes people with prediabetes…

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What is the most effective way to reverse pre-diabetes?

Nearly 1 in 3 American adults have pre-diabetes – and many people don’t even realize they have the condition! The good news is that prediabetes can be reversed. Although in many cases type…

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Pre-diabetes diet: what to eat and what to avoid

One of the most common questions people ask after being diagnosed with prediabetes is what is the best diet for prediabetes. With lifestyle changes, including a healthy diet and increased physical activity, it…

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